Trinke Wasser mit Vorteilen. Schluck für Schluck zum gesünderen ICH!


Eco-friendly Fruit Infuser Water Bottles


Warum HydroUP?

Hemp has gamma-linolenic acid, the most effective natural ingredient to regulate your skin’s moisture.

Regulate your skin’s moisture, get rid of:


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No Nasties

Made from natural
ingredients and cruelty free.

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For Sensitive Skin

No itchiness, redness
or dry skin.

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All Skin Types

Guys, gals, young or old. We got you.

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10 Minute Results

Clearer skin within 10 minutes. Guaranteed.


All Natural Ingredients

Sensitive skin? We got you.

Cruelty-free? Totally.

Chemicals? Get outta here.


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650 mL / 22oz

Drop Bottle


If you’re one of the 3 out of 4 of us that aren’t drinking enough water, it’s time to upgrade to a Drop Bottle. Our eco-friendly, fruit infuser water bottles don’t only act as a visual reminder to drink more water, they also make your water work harder for you with the added health benefits of fruit infusion. Be it more energy, better concentration, clearer skin, culling cravings or beating the bloat — It’s time to invest in yourself.

Drop Bottle

Detox Water

on the go

Looks Good, Does Better

You’re not only helping reduce single use plastic, you’re also providing clean drinking water to someone in need. Every Drop counts.

Drink Your Vitamins

Water, with benefits. Our stainless steel strainer and wide mouth make our bottle perfect for infusing fruit, herbs and even tea into your water.

Glass, To Last

We know plastic bottles are bad for our health and the environment, that's why our bottle is made from reinforced, temperature resistant borosilicate glass.

Hydration, On Hand

Our 650 mL / 22oz bottle has a stylish travel handle so you can take it with you wherever life takes you.

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